Make your own Poker Table

Poker table is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the home of an avid poker player, and these tables come in various different shapes and sizes. These days, poker tables are available in varying shapes such as hexagonal, circular, octagonal and rectangular. Most of the poker tables are built from the finest hard woods, such as red oak as well as cherry and in order to add more class and sophistication to the finished product, they are lacquered, waxed and hand rubbed, which lends an unbelievably artistic touch to the product.

Over the years, the popularity of poker as a game has soared, thanks largely due to the celebrity poker games, online poker games and people at home find this a unique past time to get together with friends every weekend as well. However, owning a poker table of one’s own might just be a luxury that not many people can afford. However, if you are determined to add a poker table to your décor, you always have the option of making a poker table from scratch instead of splashing out a lot of cash in buying one. This route is definitely much cheaper when compared to buying a readymade poker table available these days.

Of you do plan on making your poker table at home, first and foremost, you will have to do a lot of research and the internet is perhaps the best place to start off for ideas on how you are going to build it. When you have enough ideas in your head, make a rough pencil sketch of the table and depending on where in your home you want to place the table, you can come to a decision regarding the size and dimensions of the table. The shape as well as size of the table will give you an estimation of how much wood you would exactly need for the project. It is always advisable that you use a rectangular lightweight folding table as your base.

Veneered construction plywood or hardwood are the best options for making the table top but before you make the table top, you must first think about the framing. Once you screw the pieces of the frame together around the table, you can seal the table top and leave it for a night or two and let it cure. The final steps of making the poker table are sanding down and applying the wood treatment so that the table lasts for a very long time. And without splashing out a huge amount of cash, you can build a poker table quite easily.

If you have enough creativity, you can make your own design and style that will blend in with the d�cor of your home as well as fit in with the style and budget. Thus, it is not always the wisest thing to splash cash and buying readymade stuff – a poker table made at home with utmost care might just over last one from the market.

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