5 Most Hated Actions During Live Poker

When playing live poker, you should refrain from doing certain actions that will annoy your fellow table players or could completely be against the rules of the table. Find out more in this post!

5 Most Hated Actions During Live Poker

If you have ever played poker in a live setting, you would probably know all the quirks and nuances in the book of etiquettes and all the jargon used by players at the table. As a beginner, you are bound to make a few mistakes, and some may also be viewed as a breach of conduct. However, you can always avoid such actions with little common sense. Enlisted below are some of the etiquette blunders to avoid at the table!

Stalling Is Not Liked By Anyone

In a fast-paced world like this, where everything is running on rapid rhythm, you don’t want a player to pace down the game considerably. People try to do a whole world of stuff, getting engrossed in other things, while also playing poker. When you stall the game, other players will be affected so don’t commit such a mistake.

Not Taking A Shower

Does it really matter whether you shower or not before playing poker? Well, it does! This is a basic etiquette to follow for any public gathering. It is understandable that you are not getting ready for your wedding, but that doesn’t allow you to stink like a rotten egg.

Insisting That Someone Should Show Losing Hands

What you do with your own cards or money is up to you, and you can play anyway you like. Everyone has an option not to show their losing hand to anyone, and you should not even insist anyone to show it, even if the rules allow you to do so. It’s a strategy game, where everyone has their own style of playing so insisting that others show their losing hands is simply unacceptable.

Misrepresentation Of Action Or Hands

One of the most common hated actions when playing live poker is to try misrepresenting your action or hand. This means that you pretend to be having a strong hand, when you essentially have a weak one. This will trigger your opponent to fold up the best hand prematurely, assuming that you have beaten them. You should not be doing this at all, as it is not in favor of the rules to do so. Trying to win the hand by disguise is a frowned upon manipulation. Intending a certain play by tailoring your action is against the etiquettes of live poker.

Avoid Slow Rolling

Slow rolling is not to be puzzled with slow playing, and you should get it straight. Slow-playing a hand is absolutely fine, although players do get frustrated on losing a slow-played hand. Slow-rolling is a completely different thing. You are slow-rolling when your action or words make the other player feel that they have beaten the hand, when in reality you are having the best one. This is the greatest violation of poker etiquette codes that you can possibly make. People have been literally killed for such actions. Beware of it!

All of the actions enlisted above are so much hated that you will literally see people giving you the eye roll when you do these actions. Now that you know, abide by the etiquette rules and don’t be the most hated guy in the poker room!

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