Life Around the Poker Tables

Working hard to earn some cash is a universal burden for people who provide for an entire family. Whether it’s the strength of your arms or the sharp of your wits, our entire lives are dedicated to it. A little love from the family and a restful weekend usually makes all that work well worth it. What better way to enjoy the weekend than to gather some of your friends and play a good round of poker on the felt table.

In the good old days, people make their own poker tables from scratch. In this modern day where everything is made easy and available, who has the time? Especially in Canada or Germany where winters are usually very cold and long, you’ll be spending a lifetime making your own poker table where you and your friends play. This is why most people enjoy the convenience of online poker sites, today even accessible anytime anywhere using your tablet or Android device, feature loved by this new generation who prefers everything on the go. While I appreciate that poker has transcended another generation and will hopefully live to see several more, I still prefer playing poker on a felt table. Poker was a rite of passage for most young Canadians and Germans alike and it usually starts at a young and rebellious age when you have to sneak out of the house and play at your friend’s basement. As an adult, it provides the perfect backdrop for what’s considered as men’s locker room conversations and talks about life in general. The game is interesting enough that you play it through and through but it doesn’t take command of all your senses. You can still eat, drink and talk at the same time. As modernization makes way for new things, I still believe in keeping some traditions alive. Things lose their meaning when we can’t remember why we’re doing it and doing it the old fashioned way brings it back to its roots. Before the casinos and the online games, it was a game to pass the hours during a time of famine, conflict and hardships. If we lose that, it becomes just another card game.

While I can go on and on why you should invest on a poker table, it would be nothing more than ramblings of an old Canadian man for today’s German generation. Call me old fashioned but when I’m long gone and even my grandchildren’s children don’t know my name, a poker table filled with memories will still be with them.

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